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      2. Tongji University School of Medicine


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        Date:April 13 15:00-16:00

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        Congress dates:
        Congress Address:
        Speaker: Prof. Zhou, Jie
        Time: November 27, 2019 10:00
        Venue: Reporting Room, Medical Building, School of Medicine
        History of TUSM
        • 1907
          Established German Medical School, the founder is a German doctor whose name is Erich Paulun.
        • 1912
          In 1912, the school merged with a German Engineer School, which was founded by an engineer, Dr Berrens. The school became known as Tongji German Medical and Engineering School.
        • 1923
          Renamed Tongji University. Altough there were many difficulties, we held on education and rented the Chinese Public School. At the same time, we were building the new campus.
        • 1927
          Tongji University became one of the eight national universities after Nanking National Government established and she is named Tongji National University
        • 1937
          Moved from Shanghai to eight other provinces during Anti-Japanese War
        • 1940
          Tongji University was settled in a small town that named Lizhuang.In Lizhuang, Tongji University persisted in operating and developing the school.
        • 1946
          Tongji University owned five colleges and became one of the most excellent universities in China and she moved back to Shanghai.
        • 1952
          School of Medicine, Tongji University moved to Wuhan.
        • 1978
          Tongji University changed her policy of educating. The main task was to make our university a comprehensive and opening international university instead of a single-disciplined and closed one.
        • 1995
          Tongji University is including “Project 211”.
        • 2000
          Shanghai Railway University was merged with Tongji University
        • 2001
          TUSM started the admission of the 7-year major in clinical medicine.
        • 2002
          Tongji University is listed in “Project 985”.
        • 2004
          TUSM started piloting the 8-year major in clinical medicine.
        • 2006
          TUSM initiated the training program for the innovative ability of medical students and started to recruit standardized patients.
        • 2007
          The undergraduate education of TUSM was evaluated as outstanding by the Ministry of Education.
        • 2009
          TUSM promoted teaching reforms in a comprehensive way and coordinated the development of scientific research and teaching with an eye toward improving teaching quality.
        • 2010
          Tongji University dedicated itself to education and teaching reform. TUSM initiated a pilot program of standardized training for resident physicians in Shanghai, and started to devise the “5+3” t...
        • 2011
          TUSM received the right to grant the doctoral degree in the first-level discipline of clinical medicine and of bioengineering. TUSM set up the first international class of clinical medicine taught ...
        • 2012
          TUSM was among the first pilot units for the physician education and training program of excellence by the Ministries of Education and of Health.
        • 2013
          TUSM partnered with the University of Nebraska Medical Center whose general practice education is among the highest ranked in United States to establish the Sino-US collaborative “Department of Ge...
        • 2014
          The joint department of rehabilitation therapy under the auspices of Sino-US collaboration was set up.
        • 2015
          The major in clinical medicine started admitting “5+3” integrated students in order to ensure that all the students in the major in clinical medicine are brought in the Bachelor-Master integrated...
        • 2016
          TUSM ruled “Double-Supervisor” for students in Direct-Entry Cultivation Program.
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